Enterprise development and empowerment

The PAMSA members support the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Code of Good Practice and its key drivers of ownership; management control; employment equity; skills development; preferential procurement; enterprise development; and socio-economic development.

Collectively the industry has a massive employee and supplier base which provides much opportunity to make a sustainable difference in these spheres.

Forest Sector Charter

PAMSA was party to the signing of the BBBEEE Forest Sector Charter on 22 May 2008 and supports the Forest Sector Charter council both financially and by serving on the body.

At the official signing of the Forest Sector Charter, Mrs Lindiwe Hendricks, then Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry, said, “The concept of a Charter is based on the understanding that government, industry and labour need to work in partnership to address the transformation challenge facing the sector. The Charter sets out the commitment of these parties to achieve this transformation and the principles are detailed in 5 and 10-year transformation targets for all forest sector enterprises that qualify under the Codes of Good Practice.”

The shared vision presented in the Charter is that of:

  • An inclusive and equitable Forest Sector in which black women and men fully participate.
  • A Forest Sector that is characterised by sustainable use of resources, sustainable growth, international competitiveness and profitability for all its participants.
  • A Forest Sector that contributes meaningfully to poverty eradication, job creation, rural development and economic value-adding activities in the country.

The Charter also contains undertakings by government, industry and labour to create a favourable climate for BBBEE in the sector. In this regard all parties to the Charter agreed on the principle that sector transformation and sector growth needs to go hand-in-hand to be meaningfully sustainable and to the benefit of all in the sector.

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